Welcome to the Seminole High School Orchestra website!

The Seminole High School Orchestra Program has grown to over 150 students resulting in the first full-time Orchestra Director beginning Fall 2017 and the establishment of the Orchestra Parents Association (OPA).

The program consists of four orchestras and the purpose is to provide students with a positive atmosphere for personal and musical growth. Through participation in activities such as large ensemble performance, performance evaluation and adjudication, small ensemble and solo performance, and social activities, students have opportunities to work toward these qualities.

Thank you for your support!

Andrea Newhouse, Orchestra Director

Upcoming events:

Feb 26: 6th & 7th periods rehearsal 2:15-3:30

Feb 28: 5th period rehearsal 2:15-3:30

Mar 5: 6th & 7th periods rehearsal 2:15-3:30

Mar 6: 5th period rehearsal 1:15-2:30

Mar 7: 1st period MPA @ Wekiva HS 7:00-12:30

Mar 8: 5th, 6th &7th periods MPA @ Wekiva HS 7:00-1:30

Mar 13: Full Orchestra Rehearsal (5th period only) 1:30-2:30

2018-19 SHS Orchestra Calendar

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